Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Great Debates

So, all over the news there is this "vaccine debate".  Is this what we do now - entertain debates on things that are already proven or disproven?   Since we have opened the door to nonsense debates, here are 7 debates to anticipate:

1) Rain - Condensed water vapor that falls from the sky OR God's tears?

2) Sunrise tomorrow - Maybe? Maybe Not?

3) Pregnancy - Is that a baby in there OR just a basketball under your shirt?

4) Cats - Family pets OR witches in fur costumes?

5) Lightning - Electrostatic discharge OR Zeus' wrath?

6) Death - A natural occurrence OR a failure to pray hard enough?

7) Medical Knowledge - Something you gain after years of rigorous study OR something you can easily figure out by listening to celebrities and googling.

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