Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A visit to the Dog ER

So, my husband ran over my dog's foot while riding a bike.  In the interest of maintaining my marriage, I will refrain from any other comment about riding a bike with a leashed dog.  Given that we both have no veterinary training, we decided on a Saturday night that we should go to the Dog ER - $100 just to walk in the door.  So, its basically like one of those clubs Paris Hilton goes to - expensive and filled with bitches.

Oh the humanity and the drama!  He threw himself on the floor in despair.  Lucky for me the doctor was a darling young man from Northern Ireland.  So I demonstrated my verbal acuity and overall worldliness by speaking in the one accent I use for all of the United Kingdom and addressed him as Governor.  Lest you think I'm totally clueless, I was astitute enough not to ask him to say "green clovers, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes."  He let the kids listen to the dog's heartbeat and showed them x-rays of some dog who had eaten sand - swell chap, all in all!  In retrospect, I should have taken his picture!

Waiting while the dog gets "shaved and cleaned" which sounds a little intimate if you ask me.  This picture makes it look like we are on the set of the Real World, but in reality we sat in these uncomfortable chairs and watched some show on Animal Planet where midgets rescue pit bulls - oddly compelling.  Lesson:  apparently some little people have trouble swimming.  Who knew?

In the end, our dog wears the cone of shame, but..............

Cue uplifting music............. he does not wear the cone alone.