Sunday, August 24, 2014

When we send our kids back to school we tell them lots of things:
We tell them to behave.
We tell them to be respectful of their teachers. 
We tell them to work hard. 
We tell them to pay attention and to turn their phones off. 
We tell them not to buy a bunch of crap in the cafeteria. 

There’s one more thing we need to tell them. …. Be Kind. 

Going to school is as much about becoming a person as it is about the academics:

If you can, stand up for someone who is being picked on. 
If you have the chance, pick the one who is picked last, first. 
Never kick someone who is already down. 
Invite the kid who is sitting alone at lunch to sit with you. 
Acknowledge those around you. 
Make a friend. 
Be a friend. 

For better or worse, these are your people.  This is your community.  Growing up is hard. Take care of each other. 

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