Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reality Bites


When I was a girl I dreamed of becoming Grace Kelly.  I was convinced this was doable since we are both blonde, the rest was just a matter of sorting out the details.  Well, (begin resignation font) I have finally realized that try as I may, I am no Grace Kelly as evidenced by the following:

10 things I regularly say that Grace Kelly never said:

1) I think I forgot to shower today.
2) Yeah, the screw top Chardonnay is fine.
3) Flank steak on sale – Lucky Day!
4) Am I the ONLY person in this house who can change out a toilet roll?
5) Sorry about last night. I was wasted.
6) To my husband: “Don’t use the soap in the shower! Its my expensive department store soap. I got you some Irish Spring.”
7) If that’s how you want to play it, then you can suck my d%$#!
8) I just consumed the better part of a large pizza!
9) I killed it at Tae Bo today!
10) Pull my finger.

Maybe I still have a shot at being Princess Stephanie?

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